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Elephant Day Care

The Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp gives you the opportunity to interact with these magnificent creatures, safe in the knowledge that this is an animal-friendly environment operated with the principles of sustainable tourism in mind.

Kalaw Heritage Hotel since 1903 has launched a new Elephant Day Care Package for its guests to enjoy, which involves a day trip to award winning Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp operated by family with a history of working with elephants in the Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE).

The focus is primarily on providing care for elephants that are no longer fit to work. The family realized that Myanmar elephants working in timber camps were in precarious situation as logging slows down due to a variety of factors. Another reason for starting the GHV camp was the desire to educate and share information with both local residents and foreign visitors.


After 40min drive you will reach the camp surrounded by the stunning, forested scenery of the region, guests to the elephant camp will meet, feed, wash and interact with the seven resident elephants - who are cared for by the mahouts (elephant caretakers) and the resident vet. The elephant library with an attached movie room showing short films that highlight the importance of elephant conservation.

Enjoy a Nepalese lunch at the forest restaurant and visit the elephant learning center where you can learn about elephant skeleton and make you own postcard from the recycle paper project from elephant poo.

The Elephant Care package is a day trip during 8:30am - 4pm.

The 3 days / 2 nights packages inclusive elephant camp entrance fees starts with 369,000 ks

• Exclusive rate for your stay
• Complimentary daily breakfast
• 20% discount on Food & Beverage (non-alcoholic drinks)

• Complimentary Shuttle to / from downtown Kalaw
• Complimentary late check out until 4:00 PM (subject to availability)

DAY-TRIP (only):
Elephant Camp Day-trip incl. Lunch & Transportation:
Adults: USD 90 (foreigner) / MMK 60,000 (locals)
Children >5yrs: USD 60 (foreigner) / MMK
Children <4yrs: Free Entrance

For reservation or more information about our packages, please contact or call +95 (0) 9 778 144 15


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